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Hi dear. Welcome to Christ Gateway. I am Tessy Alohan. I am the Author and Founder of CHRIST GATEWAY BLOG a place where you get to know Christ and the wonder of his power. I am a Legal Practitioner. I am a lover of Children and everyone I meet. I am fueled by my passion for the health and fitness of everyone and I believe so much in divine healing because I am a living testimony. I believe God can do anything for with him the Bible says all things are possible. I believe there is no impossibility with God. I also have a passion for leading others into truth and freedom for the truth alone can set us free. I love meeting people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience in the LORD.

My greatest passion in life is the LORD and his ministry. My dream in life is to draw everyone to Jesus Christ. I am always here in case you have any question relating to Christianity, Christ, Bible etc. Let me know if you need prayers for you or your loved one especially one relating to health and healing. I believe in miracles for just as Christ walked through the streets of Galilee doing wonders so does he still heals today. He is never stingy with his power.

Christ Gateway is a blog met to spread the gospel of Christ to all. It is intended to win souls over to God by letting everyone knows how wonderful and loving God is. God loves us all. Here at Christ Gateway, supernatural healing is one thing this blog believe so much in because I have had an encounter with God. I believe no one is expected to live with any disease for Christ has already healed us more than 2000 years ago. I believe healing is readily avaialable when you ask God for it.

Please feel free and do not hesitate to reach out to our contact above to connect!!! I am always here. I love you so much and once again I say welcome to CHRIST GATEWAY.

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